Information about Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace

How it works


Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace brings corporate recruiters and freelance/contract specialists together within the retail and the retail supplier industry. Corporate recruiters find excellent freelance talent for FREE and freelance/contract specialists have an excellent view to jobs within their field of expertise.

Here is a link that explains the process with select screen shots: 

How it Works/Screen Shots


Please make sure you fully understand the following:

  • Our Terms of Use must be agreed to before moving forward within the marketplace. Please make sure you have fully read and understand our terms.
  • PayPal is our method of payment for our marketplace. It is imperative for all freelance/contract specialists ("Advisors") to have an active PayPal account to transact in our marketplace. Corporate recruiters ("Clients") do not have to have a PayPal account. Methods of payment for Clients can be made via corporate credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover).
  • Freelance/contract specialists ("Advisors") are subject to the following fees once they enter into a contract with a Client: (1) 5% technology fee payable to Retail Advisors Network™Marketplace (2) applicable PayPal fees based on your country of residence. See PayPal for more details on fees.
  • 3rd party recruitment firms and agencies are excluded from joining and conducting business in the marketplace.


Now its time for the fun stuff... Signing Up, and creating your Profile and Listing pages!

(A) Signing Up:

1. Click on the orange "Sign Up" icon on our Homepage
2. Complete the Sign Up fields as shown
3. Check "I Accept Terms Of Use" box
4. Click on "Create Account"
5. You will shortly receive an email from the marketplace asking you to confirm your account. Click on "Confirm My Address"
CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now signed up and you have landed on the marketplace main page.

Now lets create your Profile page so others can learn about you!

(B) Create Your Profile Page:

1. From the marketplace main page, scroll your cursor over the blue button on the top right of the page and click on the "Profile" icon
2. Click on the "Edit Profile" icon and begin completing the applicable fields. Write an exciting profile in the space called "About You", and don't forget to upload a professional picture of yourself! First impressions are important!
3. When completed, click on "Save Information".
FANTASTIC!! You have successfully completed your Profile. IMPORTANT: Our Administration team needs up to 24hrs to approve your profile. WE WILL SEND YOU AN EMAIL WHEN YOU ARE APPROVED SO YOU CAN PROCEED TO COMPLETE YOUR LISTING PAGE.

(C) Create a Listing:

Now let's chat about your Listing page. There are two types of Listing for Freelance/Contract Specialists("Advisors") called "service listing" and one for Retail/Supplier Corporate Recruiters("Clients"). Here's more information about what a Listing page is:

"Client" Listing Page: this is where retail and retail suppliers will post contract jobs for "Advisors" to review and apply to. 

"Advisor" Service Listing Page: this is a summary of your skills and expertise,  your hourly rate, as well as summary ratings and reviews that Clients have written about you on previous projects. It is the first thing a Client will see when conducting a search.

To create a listing:
1. Wait for Administrators approval email.
2. From the marketplace main page, click on "Create a Listing".
3. Select a category that pertains to your listing.
4. Select a sub-category that best pertains to your listing.
5. Select listing type. Retail/Supplier "Client" selects Job Listings and Contract/Freelance "Advisors" select Contract and Freelance Services.

For Contract/Freelance Services (service listing):
1. Complete listing title: best describes your expertise (in short).
2. Fill in your hourly rate (note that your rate should be inclusive of taxes).
3. Complete "Detailed Description" of your skills, expertise and experience (keep this shorter than your profile). Taylor to the category/sub-category you have chosen.
4. Add your "Location" (city you are based out of).
5. Upload your photo (same photo as your profile).
6. Click on "save listing".

For Client Job Listings:
1. Under "Listing Title" complete short form title of job you are looking to fill and duration of contract.
2. Add in targeted hourly rate you are willing to pay (inclusive of taxes).
3. Complete "Detailed Description" of contract job: role, responsibility, deliverables, work requirements, reporting relationship, skill requirements, education requirements, duration of contract, etc.
4. Complete "Location" of where the contract job will be based from.
5. Under "Image" we recommend your company logo be uploaded here.
6. Click on "save listing". 

To Connect PayPal:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to Payment.
3. Follow instructions to connect your existing PayPal account with your Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace account.
NOTE: You need to have a valid credit card on file with PayPal in order to connect your PayPal account to the marketplace.


Browse for freelance/contract Advisors in the following ways:
(a) Manual Word Search
Go to top of main page and type in role or keyword and location
(b)Category Search Directory
Scroll categories/sub-category directory and click on discipline that best describes your search. To filter out other job postings within a category click on "contract and freelance services" within "listing type" filter.  You will now see only contract Advisors.


Once you have found an Advisor which meets your needs and you are on his or her listing page:

(a) Begin dialogue with the Advisor by clicking on the "contact" button on the Advisor listing. You are now in our messaging system.  Continue dialogue with the Advisor until all terms of contract employment have been mutually agreed to. Agree on the hourly rate (inclusive of taxes), deposit (if required), frequency of payment (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and the deliverables. Our “Baseline” Client/Advisor contract (in the Terms of Use section) saves you time creating, editing and signing contracts as it is automatically pre-approved by all parties using the site. 

(b) When you are ready to hire the Advisor, simply enter the number of hours you would like to contract the Advisor for, as per your agreement,  then click on "Hire Freelancer/Contractor" button.   

(c) You will then see a summary of your transaction as well as an option to complete any final messaging to the Advisor.

(d)Click on the "Proceed to Payment" button to complete the transaction. You are now in the PayPal payment system.

(e) Choose payment method: PayPal account, credit card or Visa debit card.

(f) Complete payment information and click on "pay now" button.  REMINDER: Initial and ALL subsequent payments to the Advisor MUST be completed through our marketplace PayPal system as per our Terms of Use.

(g) The Advisor will receive a request (via email) to accept the transaction and make it a legally binding contract.

(h) Once the Advisor completes their contracted task (or project milestone), you the Client can then release payment of funds through our marketplace.

(i) Once payment has been transferred, both the Client and the Advisor will be asked to rate each other. This feedback will be used to build trust in the marketplace and will be displayed on each users profile and listings in summary form.

Email us at: for any questions!