Information about Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace



Maintaining a flexible, nimble workforce with quality personnel, while managing the overall expense of payroll, is no easy task, UNTIL NOW. 

WELCOME to the Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace. Our marketplace serves the retail industry at large and exclusively, including suppliers that serve and partner with it.

Our marketplace is the BEST source in bringing highly talented freelance/contract professionals together with retailers and suppliers, and membership is absolutely FREE to join for all. 

ELIMINATE expensive 3rd party recruitment fees and site posting fees. Joining our marketplace is simple, time efficient and incredibly cost effective for all. Our freelance and contract workforce is highly talented, motivated and ready to start!


Retailers/Suppliers - eliminate recruiter fees and site posting fees, save time searching for freelancers/contractors and filling out contracts. Hire trusted freelancers/contractors based on ratings and reviews. Keep your workforce flexible!

Freelancers/Contractors - find more freelance/contract jobs easier. Save time filling out contracts and chasing payment cheques. Build your reputation in the market!


Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace was founded by Tony Whitehoue & Bruce Winder in the spring of 2015 sitting in a Tim Horton's in Newmarket (North of Toronto).  As journeyman merchants, retail consultants and former freelancers they saw an opportunity to connect contract workers with retailers (and  vendors) in an efficient way so all sides benefit.